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We only offer our clients the best of breed products in our industry. National Agents Alliance® goes through a very systematic evaluation criteria before we choose which carriers to do business with, beyond just A.M. Best rating (which of course we only choose grade “A” and above). We evaluate them on their ability to be service oriented to both the client and the agent. Another criteria is the ease of underwriting and the percentage of applications for which a medical records review (APS) is required. Another important criteria is the depth and breadth of products that a carrier can provide. Insurance carriers seeking representation, which puts us in the drivers seat, approach us almost daily.

The word is already out that National Agents Alliance® is the fastest growing marketing organization of its kind in the country so we have the luxury of choosing only the best for you the agent.

Our intent is not to contract with a hundred different carriers. In fact, quite the opposite is true. We want to concentrate our efforts and loyalty to a few top companies so that our product focus is on a few key, high demand products so that each agent can easily learn to sell the product line and manage their business with familiar voices on the phone.

From mortgage protection products to universal life programs; from basic term to annuities and everything in between, we have something that will fit a particular client situation. You don’t have to worry if there is anything better out there, because chances are that we have already evaluated a particular company or product and found that is wasn’t a good fit for our clients or our agents.

Have you ever measured the time to issue a policy in months? We are used to measuring time to issue in days. In fact, some of our products can be issued in several hours. Can you get used to submitting an application on Tuesday, getting it approved issued paid by Friday and the entire advanced commission showing up in your account by Wednesday the following week? Our agents have that happen for them all the time. Of course, it is product specific, but our fully underwritten policies can be issued in a few weeks. If an APS is required, then you get into the longer issue times, maybe four to six weeks, but imagine 75% of your business that you write is more of the fast issue, non-medical type? I think you would agree that life would be very, very good!

I know, hard to believe that you could run five to seven 45-minute appointments a week booked from our leads, close the sale on 95% of them, turn the applications in and get commissioned on the full advance by the next week. Our agents do that all the time. The question is – will you?

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